Victoria Gertenbach 
Textile Artist

I am drawn to line, shape, color and texture and enjoy exploring these elements through patchwork, quilting, embroidery, paper making and weaving. 

Much of my inspiration comes from where I live in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I am continuously inspired, on a very deep level, by the grace of the aged lines and odd shapes found in the very old, worn and weathered barns and farm structures that abundantly dot the surrounding countryside, (they are truly wonderful) as well as the ever changing beauty of the farmland itself... the colors that change seasonally, the rows in a plowed field, the rolling patchwork effect of the land...

Along with these lovely everyday inspirations, I am also inspired by the beauty of old utilitarian quilts, Japanese boro, the long, colorful, hand-stitched rows found in Indian kantha patchwork, and pojagi, (which is a type of korean patchwork) as well as mid-century, modern, retro and whimsical!

Using simple materials, I explore all of these elements and inspirations, striving to create beautiful and well constructed pieces. It is my sincere hope that when others view my work, they feel something... a smile, a connection of some sort, a bit of comfort, a memory of something almost forgotten, and a knowing that they are not alone.